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Feb. 13th, 2009

from hymnofnone

Obligatory Update

Garrett and I are back home now. Coleen said she was going to go back to Minnesota. Not a whole lot to say aside from that. We just feel like failures.

Feb. 10th, 2009

from hymnofnone

Friends in Low Places

We're back in Lamoni for now. We took Ruth back to her parents and explained the entire situation to them. There was a lot of crying on their end...so much so that I thought I would start crying as well. But I had to be strong for them, so I did not cry, despite the feeling of defeat. Ruth is still trait positive; she's still at risk.

All three of us are very down right now. Garrett came over at one point and hugged me, just out of the blue. I guess he could tell I needed it. I don't know how I survived all that time with the hymnofnone without him. And Tegan...she's so brave and smart, and she always wants to do the right thing. She's inspiring, as usual.

Feb. 5th, 2009

from hymnofnone

We Made Our Decision

We've made up our minds...no more running. We're going to take Ruth home.

I'm going to contact the hymnofnone for back-up.

Feb. 3rd, 2009

from hymnofnone

Running with Ruth

Deja vu, right? We're doing the exact same thing with Ruth that Coleen did with me. We're running all over the damn place. I imagine my parents are worried sick right now. They knew I was going to do some traveling with Garrett, but I should have gone home by now.

Ruth's pretty quiet during the whole thing. All she does is listen to her iPod. She doesn't know what to make of all this. I don't think she expected it to be as dangerous as it is, and I'm certain she's not cut out for it. We may have to just take her back home. We've at least been able to keep her away from the Order this long.

I'm tired and annoyed at all this. We've been eating cheap junk food and sleeping in the car. (Contrary to what Coleen said last week, she and Garrett are the cuddly ones, not me and Garrett.) I haven't had a shower. We just have to keep going in circles like a cat being chased by a dog. Just thinking about it is making me too mad to write anymore. I'll talk to you later.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

from hymnofnone

Running to Stand Still

Okay, so, here's what went down on Friday...

I went alone to meet Ruth (my trait positive girl) at the stadium at Graceland University. Things were going pretty well, but then the watcher showed up...the same one who beat me up. We beat feet and came back to Garrett and Tegan's motel room. Since then, we've been driving almost non-stop, and I've been explaining everything to Ruth.

Now, we're somewhere...I'm not sure where. It's all very unnerving. I haven't had to do this run-and-hide drill for a while, since the people I had been working with before were so efficient and calculating. I know now that I shouldn't have gone alone to get Ruth. I thought they were leaving her to the Order dogs, that they wouldn't rescue her. Now I understand that they would have done it in their own time, and they would have done a better job at it than I would have myself.

I'm having those doubts again. Am I cut out for this? I try and try, and something always goes wrong. It gets frustrating beyond belief. I'm digging my own grave...I'll either die from the stress or at the hands of the Order. But before I do, I'm going to make sure Ruth is safe. I owe her that much.

Jan. 30th, 2009

from hymnofnone


This did NOT go as well as I had hoped!

More later...
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from hymnofnone

Today's the Day

Okay, okay...enough goofing off. We're going to get down to business today. I'm meeting our trait positive girl this afternoon. I haven't decided yet if I should let Garrett and Tegan come with me, since that's not normal protocall.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Jan. 27th, 2009

from hymnofnone

Some Photos

Since I've been away for so long, I figured I should probably share a little bit of my adventures with you. Here are some pictures of things I've seen along the way.

This is Kyra, one of the trait positive girls I helped rescue.

One of my previous hymnofnone partners, Jeremy.

Jan. 26th, 2009

from hymnofnone


This weekend has been probably the best weekend I've ever had. I was so happy just to be with my two best friends. We went out to eat, watched stupid movies on TV, almost froze to death because it was so freakin' cold outside...yeah, all around good weekend.

We stayed up late last night in Garrett and Tegan's motel room playing "Would You Rather." I'm the first one awake; Tegan is curled up next to Garrett. Those two are adorable, and they need to get married.

The three of us have been through so much crap together. It was nice just to have time for ourselves and just blow off steam. I sort of hate that I have to go back to being a member of the hymnofnone. I forgot how incredible it was to be normal.

Jan. 23rd, 2009

from hymnofnone

Did ya miss me?

I'm back, bitches!

So, apparently, a lot of people were worried about me. Here's what happened. I made a run for it, and I ended up in Minnesota. Yes, you read correctly...Minnesota. It was pretty weak. But, fortunately, I met up with some members of the hymnofnone. In the course of about two months, we rescued four girls and their families from the Order. Those were the most rewarding two months of my life.

We got a lot of help from Spencer Gillman, who developed the serum for us to administer to the girls. Right now, though, he's working in the field. We weren't able to get any serum for the new trait positive girl here in Lamoni. But I decided to go anyway, much to the chagrin of the other hymnofnone members. That's why they contacted Tegan--they thought I would listen to her. But I kept in contact with my allies with my Twitter account. I just decided to use our same tactic we've been using the whole time: casual contact with trait positive girls, plus planted material on the fight against the order. I've been slowly make the contact greater and the materials less vague.

Then a watcher found me...and he beat the crap out of me. So I sent a distress signal to the hymnofnone. I thought that Tegan and Garrett had figured out that my messages in all caps were for them, so I kept my call for help in lowercase. Not gonna lie, I was really upset that Tegan and Garrett came here. I was trying to keep them safe. But, they are here now, and they are currently the best resource I have right now. Strength in number, right? That's the entire premise of the hymnofnone. I guess they were right, and that I should not have come here alone.

I think I've gotten through to our trait positive girl. She's going to meet me next week. I'm bringing Tegan and Garrett with me. Wish us luck.

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